DRC: The government is soon launching “Keba,” a tool to help citizens vote wisely

According to reports, this new voting assistance tool, named «Keba», is set to be launched on Wednesday, November 8. The project is initiated by the Ebuteli Institute and is inspired by the German model Walh-O-Mat. Keba’s primary objective is to provide the public with a comparative analysis of the various political offerings from presidential candidates, enabling citizens to make informed decisions during the election.

Given the complexity of the political landscape and the multitude of candidates, Keba addresses the challenge of evaluating political proposals by providing access to information.

This tool aims to enhance the quality of public discourse during the electoral period.

The implementation of Keba reflects a participatory and inclusive approach. The idea for this tool came about after conducting a survey by Ebuteli, the project’s initiator, involving over 5,000 citizens across the country to identify priorities and key topics for discussion.

Subsequently, discussions were held with 11 presidential candidates or their representatives through in-person meetings, online discussions, and written correspondence.

The Keba platform will be accessible online, offering voters the opportunity to compare candidates’ programs and positions based on their own priorities and beliefs.

This initiative aims to bolster citizen participation and promote a more informed and transparent electoral process in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The launch of Keba represents a significant step toward a more participatory democracy and informed decision-making in the upcoming elections.



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