Football/ Justice: Daniel Alves faces trial for sexual assault: Legal proceedings unfold in Barcelona

Former Barcelona player Daniel Alves will face trial for allegedly sexual assault. Held in custody since January, Alves is set to appear before a judge as decided by the Barcelona court on Tuesday, concluding an investigation opened nearly a year ago.

The charges stem from a 23-year-old woman accusing the former Barcelona right-back of sexual assault.

Alves, a Brazilian, is suspected of assaulting the victim in the restroom of a Catalan nightclub on December 30, 2022.

In a notification issued on Tuesday, the Barcelona court has given the prosecution and the defense five days to debate whether the player, who has also played for PSG, should be acquitted or convicted, and if convicted, what penalties should be applied.

According to La Vanguardia, the prosecutor will seek a prison sentence of up to eight years against the footballer.

In contrast, the defense will request acquittal, arguing that the relations were consensual.

Once this procedure is completed, a date will be set for the trial. Alves’ legal team has indicated that «the right to the presumption of innocence and the confidential nature of the proceedings have been violated» and believes that the entire investigation should be annulled.

According to the Spanish daily, the court acknowledges that proceedings involving public figures have «undeniable media impact», but these «violations of the presumption of innocence have no consequences in the process».

During the investigation, Daniel Alves provided three different versions, as reported by Marca: first claiming he did not know the victim, then admitting to meeting the young woman in the nightclub restroom without any incident, and finally asserting that the young woman performed a consensual act on him.

Source: 20minutes

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