Burkina Faso/Security: The Government wants to strengthen the legal Framework for managing people entries to and exits from the country

The government of Burkina Faso is planning to strengthen the legal framework governing the entry and residence of foreigners, and the exit of nationals and foreigners from the country. The draft bill on the conditions of entry and residence of foreigners, and the exit of nationals and foreigners from the national territory was adopted by the Council of Ministers on Wednesday 15 November.

The aim was to improve and adapt the legislation to the current situation, given that the ordinance governing entry to and exit from the country is almost 40 years old, dating from 1984.

The aim of reviewing the provisions of this law is to enable the national police to carry out their mission of border control in Burkina Faso.

Once the law has been adopted by the Legislative Assembly of the Transition (ALT), the forces of law and order and security will be given the latitude to put in place appropriate control measures.

According to the minister responsible for security, the main innovations to the law include the clarification of certain concepts in the legal text, and the inclusion of issues relating to migrant smuggling, human trafficking and asylum.

The country’s security situation makes this necessary. According to Mahamadou SANA, the Minister for Security and Police Commissioner, the new provisions of the law also make it possible to put into practice the international conventions and resolutions that have been ratified by Burkina Faso, in order to improve the security of its borders.

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Sekou Camara

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