Arda Turan: From Football stardom to financial ruin – A tale of trust betrayed

After believing he could grow his wealth, Arda Turan finds himself financially devastated a year after ending his professional career and concluding his time with Galatasaray, his youth club.

The 36-year-old midfielder claims to have fallen victim to a scam orchestrated by Seçil Erzan, the director of a bank based in Istanbul.

Turan alleges Erzan misled him into making investments, resulting in a loss of over 13 million euros, wiping out his hard-earned savings.

Despite a successful career in Spain, playing for Atletico de Madrid and FC Barcelona, Turan, now retired, is left with nothing.

Other Turkish football figures, including Fernando Muslera and Fatih Terim, have also claimed to be victims of the same financial advisor.

Turan, who transitioned to coaching in the third division of Turkish football, recently faced a 3,000 euro fine for violating local championship regulations.

Source: Seneweb

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