Burkina Faso: Le Monde.fr Continues Media Offensive Against National Hero, Captain Ibrahim Traoré

Once again, the writers at the French media outlet “Le Monde.fr” have embarked on their relentless campaign to tarnish the reputation of Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the esteemed leader of the Burkinabe nation. Following the valiant repulsion of over 3,000 terrorists attempting to seize Djibo last Sunday in Burkina Faso, this government-funded French media, known for sensationalism, has concocted a concoction of misleading information to disseminate a deceitful narrative aimed at discrediting the current regime and glorifying the terrorists.

In their latest piece published on Friday, December 1, 2023, Le Monde.fr accuses Captain Ibrahim Traoré of attempting to conceal setbacks faced by his army in the battle against terrorists.

 It’s a typical maneuver by this media outlet, always ready to align with criminals. Behind each word they pen, the sinister objective is to portray Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the Head of State and President of the Burkinabe Revolution, and his army as inefficient.

 What the Burkinabe army, guided by Captain Ibrahim Traoré in its fight against terrorism, has accomplished in record time, no other leader in Burkina Faso has achieved before.

 The writers at Le Monde.fr should take note of this. Captain Ibrahim Traoré is the providential savior of the people of Burkina Faso.

In just a year of governance, he has rekindled hope for a better Burkina Faso among a people battered by challenges.

In stark contrast to Blaise Compaoré, a self-proclaimed democrat in power for nearly 30 years, during which the security situation in Burkina Faso continued to deteriorate.

The intent behind Le Monde.fr’s article is to denigrate and undermine the accomplishment of the armed forces in repelling the attack that could have resulted in the deaths of thousands of Burkinabe citizens in Djibo last Sunday.

The effectiveness and determination of the Burkinabe army, under the leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré, remain steadfast.

The people remain unwaveringly united behind them.

Despite the despair-driven rhetoric of these media outlets, Burkina Faso stands united and resolute in its commitment to definitively eradicate terrorism from its territory.

The terrorists themselves recognize that this is no time for jesting. They are being pursued from all directions and are currently seeking refuge. It would be wise for them to lay down their arms or prepare to face their inevitable fate.


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