Burkina Faso achieves significant success in counterterrorism operation

In a recent large-scale military operation, the armed forces of Burkina Faso successfully eliminated a significant number of terrorists moving outside the three-border area. This victory marks a crucial moment in the fight against terrorism in this particularly unstable region.

The Sahel has witnessed an escalation of violence and increasing instability in recent years.

Burkina Faso, like other countries in the region, has faced significant challenges in countering these threats and ensuring the protection of its population.

The Burkinabe armed forces successfully located and neutralized a convoy of terrorists, including the number two figure of the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, Harouna Oulel, alias Abdel Malick.

This operation, executed with exemplary precision, highlights the security forces’ ability to respond effectively to terrorist threats.

The news of the disappearance of the terrorist leader Harouna Oulel, alias Abdel Malick, has been met with relief in Burkina Faso.

Local authorities and the population express their gratitude to the security forces for their determination and courage.

This victory is not just a triumph for Burkina Faso; it also has significant regional repercussions.

The need for enhanced cooperation among Sahel nations in the fight against terrorism is emphasized, paving the way for a more coordinated approach to address this common threat.


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