Burkina-Faso: Electricity, the Government takes a forward-looking approach to prepare for possible energy shortfalls

During the Council of Ministers meeting on February 14, 2024, under the leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré, significant measures were taken to enhance the energy sector in Burkina Faso. These initiatives, aligned with the transitional government’s energy policy, aim to ensure a secure electricity supply in the country.

The adopted measures include the establishment of an energy evacuation system for the 42 MWc (megawatt peak) Gonsin photovoltaic solar power plant.

Additionally, repairs to damaged electrical infrastructure were decided, along with the expedited progress of other photovoltaic solar power plant projects.

These actions align with the government’s energy policy, emphasizing the promotion of hybrid energy systems, especially those based on solar energy.

The goal is to facilitate access to electricity, particularly in remote areas, while harnessing the country’s solar potential.

The shift toward photovoltaic solar power plants not only aims to reduce costs associated with fossil fuel electricity supply but also to decrease Burkina Faso’s dependency on neighboring countries.

These measures were taken to preempt potential energy deficits and avoid diplomatic tensions, similar to the disputes arising from statements between Emmanuel Macron and Alassane Ouattara that could impact relations between Burkina Faso and Ghana.




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