Zlatan Ibrahimovic takes the throne: The King of Kings leads Gerard Piqué’s Kings League World Cup

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has made a triumphant return to the football scene, seizing a significant role as the ambassador for Gerard Piqué’s Kings League tournament, scheduled to take place from May 26 to June 8.

Embracing the title of the «King of Kings», Ibrahimovic assumes the prestigious position of president for the upcoming Kings League World Cup.

 In addition to his advisory duties with RedBird and AC Milan, the iconic Swedish football champion adds another remarkable chapter to his illustrious career by spearheading this league, which was originally established by Gerard Piqué in 2022.

In a captivating announcement video, Ibrahimovic boldly asserts his dominance, declaring, «I am the best. I am the king of kings. Welcome to my World Cup».

This proclamation sets the stage for what promises to be an electrifying and memorable event under the leadership of the enigmatic football figure.

The Kings League has a storied history, having previously showcased football legends such as Neymar, Ronaldinho, and Kun Aguero, all under the ownership and vision of former Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué.

With Ibrahimovic at the helm, the anticipation for the upcoming tournament reaches new heights, as the “King of Kings” brings his unique flair and competitive spirit to this prestigious football competition.

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