Mali/Martyrs’ Day: President Assimi GOÏTA pays tribute to the heroes of democracy

The Malians who shed their blood and sacrificed their lives under the authoritarian regime of General Moussa Traoré on March 22, 1991, for freedom and democracy, are celebrated every March 26 by the Malian people. The transitional president, Colonel Assimi GOÏTA, did not deviate from tradition this year, which marks the 33rd year since this painful event.

He paid a well-deserved tribute to the martyrs of democracy and freedom by laying a wreath of flowers at the Martyrs’ Monument on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, preceded by the national anthem.

This is a sign of respect and recognition from the entire nation for the sacrifice made by these democracy heroes. It’s worth noting that on March 26, 1991, the regime of General Moussa Traoré was overthrown by Lieutenant Colonel Amadou Toumani Touré.

For the head of state, commemorating the martyrs of democracy goes beyond the ceremony of laying flowers or singing the national anthem.

It is also an opportunity for every Malian, especially the high authorities, to assess Mali’s democracy after thirty-three (33) years, evaluate its progress, and envision the future.

The fight must continue for a free Mali and a democracy that reflects the country’s reality.

While applauding Malians for their resilience in the face of numerous challenges, President Assimi GOÏTA encouraged them to remain united and committed to facing the future and collectively overcoming the upcoming challenges.

In his address, President Assimi GOÏTA also praised the efforts made by the government and economic operators to ensure access to essential goods during the Ramadan month, highlighting the importance of solidarity and mutual assistance in Malian society.


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