Apple addresses controversy over Palestinian flag emoji in ‘Jerusalem’ typing: A Journey to neutrality

Apple recently released an update to its iPhone software that addresses a controversial issue surrounding the Palestinian flag emoji and the word “Jerusalem.” Users had noticed that typing “Jerusalem” would prompt the Palestinian flag emoji to appear, unlike other city names.

This discrepancy raised concerns about bias, especially given the sensitive political context of Jerusalem, which is claimed by both Israel and the Palestinians.

Critics, including TV presenter Rachel Riley, pointed out the inconsistency and demanded an explanation from Apple.

According to Apple, this unintended behavior was due to a feature called predictive emoji, which suggests emojis based on typed words.

After the release of iOS 17.4.1, users observed the flag emoji appearing in relation to “Jerusalem.”

In response to the outcry, Apple has released a partial update in the developer beta version of iOS 17.5. T

his update removes the emoji suggestion for “Jerusalem,” aligning it with how other city names behave in terms of emoji suggestions.

The timing and broader release of this update remain unclear, as it is currently in the developer beta phase.

However, this move by Apple reflects the company’s efforts to address user feedback and maintain neutrality in sensitive geopolitical matters.


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