Niger and the Netherlands rekindle bilateral Cooperation amid political transition

In the wake of the former Nigerien president’s departure from power and the new government’s commitment to diversifying partnerships for socio-economic and security goals, old friendships and cooperation ties are being revived.

Of particular note is the relationship between Niger and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, also known as Holland.

Following the events of July 26, 2023, which led to the former president’s political retirement, activities under the Strategic Planning Program for Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in the Niger Valley 2022-2027, as part of their bilateral cooperation, were put on hold.

This week, stakeholders have initiated steps to restart dialogue with Niger’s new authorities and rekindle cooperation in areas such as water management, sanitation, and the environment.

According to information from the CNSP’s official page, a Dutch delegation comprising advisors and experts is on a few days’ working visit to Niamey.

Led by Dutch diplomat Paul Tholen, the delegation has already held initial discussions with Niger’s Minister responsible for the aforementioned sectors, Maizama Abdoulaye.

Their talks focused on reviving bilateral cooperation, including resuming activities related to water management, sanitation, and the environment.

This move aims to reinvigorate and strengthen bilateral cooperation for the benefit of both countries’ populations.

What’s reassuring is that the military regime remains vigilant and attentive to foreign relations, ensuring respect for Niger’s dignity, sovereignty, and preservation of its interests.



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