Mali: The Malian army has neutralised the fearsome terrorist Alkalifa Sawri in the Timbuktu region

In recent weeks, the Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to defending and securing the nation’s territory by intensifying their operations against terrorist groups.

Utilizing airstrikes, the Malian army has successfully destroyed significant terrorist bases in various locations across the country.

Adding to their accomplishments, FAMa forces have successfully neutralized the notorious terrorist Alkalifa Sawri.

According to security sources, Sawri was eliminated during a military operation in the region of Tombouctou, between Douetire and Acharane.

This individual was known for his involvement in numerous attacks against FAMa personnel, including artillery fire and civilian population robberies along the Tombouctou-Goundam axis.

The Chief of Staff confirmed that Sawri, a highly sought-after criminal, was neutralized by defense and security forces based on precise intelligence.

This successful operation underscores the commitment and determination of security and intelligence services to ensure the safety and security of Mali’s entire territory.

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