Africa: President Félix Tshisekedi unveils his priorities for a prosperous and secure DRC

President Félix Tshisekedi recently engaged with Congolese expatriates in France, elaborating on his administration’s six priority areas for the next five years in a detailed manner.

These strategic priorities aim to tackle critical challenges facing the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Chief among them is job creation, recognizing the significant levels of unemployment and underemployment affecting a substantial portion of the population.

Ensuring security remains paramount, especially in the persistently conflict-ridden Eastern regions.

President Tshisekedi intends to bolster existing efforts to safeguard citizens and stabilize these volatile areas.

Simultaneously, enhancing purchasing power stands as a crucial objective, aiming to secure a decent standard of living for all Congolese.

 Economic diversification is being actively pursued to reduce reliance on traditional sectors and foster the growth of emerging industries.

Access to essential services, including education and healthcare, is also central to government initiatives.

The President underscores the importance of delivering high-quality services universally, regardless of geographical location.

In response to ongoing security challenges, President Félix Tshisekedi issued a strong call for national unity.

He urged citizens to stand together and report any activities undermining peace and stability, emphasizing the critical role of solidarity and cooperation in combating threats to the country’s well-being.

Jean-Robert TCHANDY

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