Benin-Niger crisis: Are the Beninese authorities treating their Niger counterparts as fakes?

The recent controversy surrounding the loading of Nigerien crude oil at the port of Cotonou, which was prohibited by Beninese authorities, has sparked a broader discussion regarding Niger’s destabilization plan.

Despite the ECOWAS sanctions being lifted, the Nigerien authorities have justified their decision to keep the border with Benin closed, citing national security concerns.

The CNSP has accused Beninese authorities of colluding with French authorities to destabilize Niger.

The Nigerien government, under General Abdourahamane TIANI, has provided details alleging the secret presence of military bases in northern Benin near the border, purportedly tasked with training terrorists for Niger’s destabilization plan.

These accusations have been firmly denied by Beninese authorities, who challenge their Nigerien counterparts to conduct investigations to verify the claims.

The issue at hand is not determining the truth between the two parties but rather the broader context of political crisis in Niger, with President Patrice Talon previously adopting a hostile stance towards Niger and considering military aggression before retracting.

Interestingly, while the Niger-Nigeria border was expected to remain closed due to accusations of harboring Nigerien citizens plotting against the Nigerien regime, it has been reopened while the Benin-Niger border remains closed.

This discrepancy raises questions, possibly related to the status of French military bases in Benin amid Nigerien accusations.

Overall, Nigerien authorities must remain vigilant and cautious to safeguard their territory against potential threats.


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