Burkina Faso/Counter-terrorism: The train of military exploits continues to move forward

The Burkinabe fighting forces persist in outmaneuvering and decisively defeating their adversaries in the wilderness, with the ultimate goal of reclaiming full control over Burkina Faso’s territory.

This ongoing struggle is marked by strategic brilliance and notable success.

For instance, on Sunday, June 9, a significant number of additional criminals were compelled by the courageous fighters to meet their fellow perpetrators in hell, while their equipment fell into the hands of the Burkinabè forces.

These criminals had attempted, as usual, to launch an attack on one of the combatant positions situated in Ouedrassin, within the Ouahigouya zone.

Yet, their plans were thwarted by the vigilance and formidable firepower of both ground units and aerial forces (Aerial Vectors).

These units consistently execute meticulously coordinated operations, delivering impactful and effective blows to their criminal adversaries.

Thus, the operations continue unabated and with heightened intensity, under the steadfast leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré.

The unwavering determination and unwavering dedication of these brave combatants, bolstered by unyielding support from their compatriots, ensure that the path to victory remains clear.

Papa Ibrahima

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