Burkina Faso: President Ibrahim Traoré launches a major investment programme for the development of his country by 2024

President Ibrahim Traoré reaffirms his commitment to his country’s development by launching an extensive investment program for the year 2024.

During last week’s cabinet meeting, it was announced that the Burkinabe government plans to allocate 373,139,550,866 FCFA to various development projects.

These funds will be allocated across several crucial sectors. Significant efforts will be made in the energy sector, focusing on building new power plants and improving access to electricity nationwide.

Infrastructure will also receive substantial support, including new boreholes, hydroagricultural developments, and the acquisition of industrial and IT equipment necessary for development.

Education is a key priority in these investments. New classrooms will be constructed and equipped, and initiatives will be implemented to provide food to school canteens and school supplies to students.

These projects are funded by the national budget as well as contributions from international technical and financial partners.

This investment strategy reflects President Traoré’s commitment to fundamentally transform Burkina Faso, laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and significantly enhancing the living conditions of the population.



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