Mali: Intensification of air operations targeting separatist fighters and terrorist accomplices

The Malian Armed Forces (FAMa) have stepped up their air operations to combat separatist fighters and their terrorist accomplices in Mali. The main objective is to seize the former camp of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali (Minusma) in Kidal, which was abandoned by the peacekeepers on 31 October.

The FAMa carried out surgical strikes, including using drones, in the region. The army’s Directorate of Information and Public Relations (Dirpa) reported that these air strikes had targeted terrorist positions and neutralised several vehicles used by the terrorists.

However, the separatists claimed that the strikes had caused civilian casualties, which the Dirpa denied.

The separatists were accused of using fabricated images and propaganda to tarnish the reputation of the defence and security forces.

The FAMa remain determined to establish their presence in Kidal and to ensure the security of the region.

The recent air strikes destroyed two armoured vehicles that had been abandoned by the Minusma, highlighting the separatists’ violation of UN provisions in their use of this equipment.


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