Liberia / Presidential run-off: On the road to an electoral alliance?

In Liberia, as the second round of the Presidential election approaches, Joseph Bouakai, who was unsuccessful in 2017 when he faced George Weah, aims for redemption in Tuesday’s runoff.

To challenge the incumbent president, the septuagenarian is not only relying on extravagant electoral promises but also playing the card of alliances.

Some candidates, such as Tiawan Gongloe, have thrown their support behind him for the second round.

While in the first round, he already had the support of local power-brokers, including former warlord Prince Johnson, who remains popular in the Nimba province, in 2027, he has secured the endorsement of George Weah.

To garner support from other candidates, Joseph Boakai has pledged an inclusive government that reflects political, ethnic, regional, religious, and gender diversity in Liberia.

At 78 years old, the leader of the Unity Party also proposes a «national rescue plan».

This plan focuses on improving infrastructure, the business climate, and investments in agriculture, among other areas.

Following the first round, the incumbent president George Weah narrowly led with 43.83% of the votes, just ahead of his main opponent Joseph Boakai, who secured 43.44%, according to the final results announced by the chairperson of the electoral commission.



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