Sustainable Development in Mali: CNPM Proposes Five Strategic Axes

The National Council of Employers in Mali (CNPM), led by Mossadeck Bally, organized a seminar to present the results of the working groups on the five strategic axes of its five-year action plan (2022-2027). The seminar took place on November 11, 2023, in Bamako, under the presidency of the Minister of Industry and Trade, Moussa Alassane Diallo.

The five strategic axes addressed during the seminar include the energy sector, transportation and infrastructure, human resources, financing, and taxation.

The discussions allowed for a relevant diagnosis of these sectors, highlighting challenges, strengths, and achievements.

Participants also formulated recommendations to promote sustainable development in these areas.

CNPM President Mossadeck Bally emphasized the importance of investments in creating wealth and employment in Mali.

He explained that the goal was to make the economy competitive by presenting attractive advantages for investors.

Bally underscored the need to industrialize the country, emphasizing the alignment between youth training and the needs of the job market, as well as the importance of infrastructure for the transportation and distribution of goods.

Minister of Industry and Trade Moussa Alassane Diallo praised the priority axes defined by CNPM, describing them as fair, justified, and relevant for the country’s economic development.


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