The 5th «IN RABAT» International Fair runs from 09 to 11 December

The 5th edition of the International Contemporary Art Fair «IN RABAT» will be held from December 9 to 11 at the National Mohammed V Theater in Rabat. The program for this event includes an exhibition of contemporary art featuring artists from various countries, including Morocco, the United States, Spain, Portugal, Ivory Coast, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Tunisia, Congo, Italy, Lebanon, and Panama, as stated in the organizers’ press release.

The event also encompasses various performances, ranging from circus arts to live-painting and contemporary dance.

Additionally, there will be a special exhibition dedicated to children, as mentioned in the press release.

This edition will feature five artistic training workshops covering art therapy, artistic costumes, calligraphy, photography, and a beachside painting workshop for children, youth, and adults.

These workshops will involve the participation of visual artists, photographers, and art teachers from various countries.

Furthermore, the cultural event includes an international seminar on «Art and Cultural Tourism», led by art professors, art historians, visual artists, critics, and journalists.


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