DRC: When opportunist Noel Tshiani seeks an alliance with Moïse Katumbi after the failure of his attempt to exclude him from the presidential race

 Noel Tshiani’s new stance proves right those who believe that politics is a dangerous game. He did everything to prevent Moïse Katumbi’s candidacy in the 2023 presidential election. However, after being rejected by the Constitutional Court, he unexpectedly wants to form an alliance with him for the upcoming elections.

Indeed, Noel Tshiani, the promoter of the «Congolese-ness» law, made a surprising statement on a radio station in Congo.

When asked about the possibility of reconciliation between Moïse Katumbi and himself, Noel Tshiani replied, «If it is necessary to ally even with the devil, I am ready to do so for us to have a crushing victory. We must consider all possibilities».

This response deserves to be analyzed in light of his previous position regarding Moïse Katumbi.

The unsuccessful candidate in the 2018 presidential election, Noel Tshiani, gained attention due to his famous «Congolese-ness» law proposal since 2021.

According to this law, only Congolese individuals with both parents being Congolese can run for the highest office and occupy strategic positions like Prime Minister, President of the lower house of Parliament or the Senate, etc.

Even after the validation of Moïse Katumbi’s candidacy by the CENI (Independent National Electoral Commission), Noel Tshiani then approached the Constitutional Court but was dismissed.

Only a few days after the constitutional judge’s verdict, Noel Tshiani now suggests that, if necessary, he could form an alliance with the very person he desperately wanted out of the race.

An ethical problem arises, as political intrigues, low blows, and about-faces are common in politics, but there are limits that, once crossed, inevitably discredit the individual.

Noel Tshiani has just crossed one of these limits. Let’s wait and see if Moïse Katumbi will fall into this trap.

Jean-Robert TCHANDY

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